with great success, our HIGH PROFILE CLIENTS have been placing a POLICE VEHICLE ON their private properties to keep them from becoming victims of crime.

We will build you a vehicle tailored to your specific security needs and desired options. Submit your name and number below and we will be in touch to discuss your needs. 

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Office:818-584-6227  24/7   Mobile:818-568-4222        


THE CAR: 2001-2011 Ford Crown Victoria/Police Interceptor/P71

All base vehicles have recently been retired from a government agency. They were built to government specifications; with stronger transmissions, braking systems and suspensions, than cars sold to the public by Ford. All have passed a mechanical inspection that includes, brakes, transmission, suspension, electrical system, cooling system and drivetrain. All vehicles have passed a CA emissions test within 90 days of purchase. Unabused Crown Vics are becoming harder to find. Any vehicle we offer has been hand selected, showing no signs of abuse & qualities that make it exceptional.

A deposit is required when order is placed.
Please inquire with Harlan to see what cars are available at this time.


Prices reflected below include installation

Spotlight(s)     $300 (ea)        
LED-Roof Light Bar $1700            
(1990’s Style) Rotating Lightbar $1100
Corner Light Strobes (4) $850    
Reverse Light Strobes $200            
Windshield Mount LED Strobe (Detective)   Red/Blue Red/Clear $350
Windshield Mount LED Strobe (Detective)  Full Window $1100
Rear Facing Interior Emergency Lighting (Detective) $900
Grill Strobes Red/Blue $300       
Rear Arrow Stick (When applicable) $650    

Black and White Paint Scheme (4 Doors painted white) $1400
Black and White Paint Scheme (2 Front doors only painted white) $1400
Solid Color Paint (Detective/Undercover) $1100 
Push Bar $850 Reduced $620     
Emblem Removal (Required for certain graphics) $65
Plastic Hubcaps (4) $200        
Small Chrome Hubcaps (Popular) (4) $200
Water Repellent Glass Treatment (All windows) $80
Tint (All Windows) $350

Prisoner Transport Partition    $850    
Plastic Prisoner Seats    $280    
Comfortable Rear Seats $200    
Police Center Console     $520     
2 Cupholders $60
K9 Officer Car Kennel (No rear seating) $2400  Reduced $1600
Cooling Fans for Dog $500  Reduced $250
AR-15 Mount (Key/Elec Release)    $400  Reduced $300   
Shotgun Mount (Key/Elec Release) $400 Reduced $300
Laptop Holder (console mounted) $275        
Tablet Holder  (console mounted)  $275    
Adjustable Reading/Report Light $100
Police Dome Light  $60    
Rear Passenger Window Guards (2) $250

Motorola Mobile Radio w/Mic (Receives and Transmits on GMRS) $400    

Motorola Mobile Radio w/Mic (Non Functioning) $100
Police Style Antenna (Required for working Radio) $100
Motorola External Speaker (Required for radio or scanner) $75
Aftermarket Siren/PA System  $550
Real Police Style 100W Siren/PA System w/ lighting control $1300    
Authentic 200W Police Siren/PA System w/ lighting control + more $2300
Viper Alarm System (No sound. Alarm activates lights) $400
Remote Start Added to Alarm $650  Reduced $500        
Proximity Sensor (Activates Lights) $140
Scanner (Analog) $350    
Scanner APCO-25 (Digital) With CLOSE CALL $750
Scanner Antenna  (Required for use of scanner) $150(ea)
Dash Camera $175          
Rear Facing Camera $125        
2 Channel Mobile SD HD DVR $250
Custom Installed Navigation $650 Reduced $400

“Movie Car” Magnets (Set of 2) $100        
Light Bar Cover    $120    
Mock Rifle    $150        
Mock Shotgun $150        
Handheld Radio (Works with Car Radio) $120
Car Cover $100